To enhance security, CWB requires all clients to update their password to a strong password. Please change your password by April 30, 2020, or the system will prompt you at your first login on and after that date. 

Important — business clients: signers must be the first to change their PAC. Delegates who do so will be locked out of the account and require branch assistance.

To update your password: login to your account, visit Profiles and Preferences and select Change Personal Access Code.

The security question will remain until all passwords have been changed. 

View our tips on creating a strong password.


For password resets or technical support, please contact us during business hours.

To report a lost or stolen debit card, or if you forgot your pre-selected questions, please contact anytime at 1-866-843-3917 toll free.

Your Client Card or Access Number can be found on your debit card. CWB business clients using CWBdirect Online Banking may choose to delegate access to viewing accounts and setting up transactions to their company's staff members. In this case, any staff accessing CWBdirect will have a username assigned by the account signer who has granted them access. For help logging in to CWBdirect, please contact your branch or phone 1.866.843.3917.